The main difference is that instead using of a machine to fill brows, Eva relies on a manual pen-like tool that has 11 tiny needles at the tip. After treating skin with numbing cream, she dips the end of the device into cosmetic-grade eyebrow dye, and then sweeps on individual lines of pigment. Eva recommends clients come back four weeks later to fill any gaps and add a second color for dimension. The result is subtly defined hair strokes—not a blended, filled look—that lasts one to three years.

And if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a hack wax job, Eva’s process eliminates bad surprises. She matches the tattoo hue to each client’s natural brow hair and tests the shades against skin tone first. Before a needle is even picked up, she also customizes shape, size, and hair pattern with a pencil to ensure the client is completely satisfied.

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